Little Lad's Basket

Manhattan, New York City


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Wow, this place is crazy and totally unsuspecting. It was in the basement of the HSBC on Broadway and Cedar. I'm not sure if the location in LES replaced this one or not, but there is no way in hell you would find it otherwise, so just letting you know.

Yeah, this place is little weird. I'm vegan and all about that, but they definitely have some vegan propaganda videos playing in the front retail area and have some kids who I am pretty sure should have been in school working in the kitchen.

That said, you can load up as much food as you can on one plate and one bowl for $4.75, which is totally nuts. You see people of all types in here and I would wager that most of them are not vegan, so that tells you a little something about the value for the food!

I'd have to agree that most of the food here is not special and is the kind of thing a beginning vegan would make at home. But the macaroni and cheeze is fantastic! They also have a Jamaican black bean pot soup that is pretty good. The salad bar is always pretty good with lots of marinated tofus, dressings, and veggies. The hot food is hit or miss, but I believe they have the daily buffet options listed on their website.

I've pretty much only visited this place with other non-vegans and they all love it. Even if the food isn't great, it's not horrible and you'll definitely get your money's worth here.

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Review from October 2010:

I went to this place once 3 years ago and was fairly un-impressed with my food so I didn't go out of my way to return. However, a number of my friends were raving about how good the food was - particularly the mac and cheese, so I figured I should revisit. I went for lunch last week and was very pleasantly surprised. I still love the vegan Russian dressing, but am happy to have discovered the vegan mac and cheese. It was very cheesy and flavorful, as were the cheesy potatoes. I filled my plate up with these two items, some steamed broccoli, and a bountiful salad. I ended my meal with a peppermint patty sort of thing that was only a $1 and it was great. I'm definitely going to make a point of getting down here more.

Review from August 2007:

The food is pretty mediocre, but considering you get a big plate and bowl for $4, it's a decent place to go if you're cheap and hungry.

A lot of the vegetables on the buffet seem to be just plain frozen or canned veggies (corn, green beans, etc.) with some margarine, salt, and pepper. The vegan eggplant and tofu dish was very good, and the salad bar portion had a fair amount of toppings and interesting salad dressings to chose from. The vegan Russian salad dressing was my favorite.

My friend and I shared a coconut macaroon sort of dessert, which was pretty good, especially since it was only $1. I like that they have lots of mini desserts so you can sample a number of them instead of committing to one huge piece of cake that may or may not taste too good.

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