Argo Tea

Chicago, Illinois


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This place is really great for relaxing. The atmosphere is really good, Tony and I sat for about an hour catching up on The Onion articles and discussing our plans for the day.

They have TONS of loose-leaf teas. We only tried the one they had set out for sampling.

What we really loved about this place is that the people working were extremely aware of what 'vegan' meant (all the way down to honey) and they were able to guide us with our ordering. They have almond and soy milk for lattes. We had tea lattes with boba. The boba is vegan here and it's really yummy! Our drinks were great. They had six or seven different kinds of tea brewed and you could select any of them for the base of your drink. The first drink I ordered was an herbal tea with almond milk and mango boba but because of the way the almond milk reacted with the tea there was some curdling going on. They noticed it before they gave it to me and insisted on making me a new one and gave me a few options to avoid curdling in the next one. They were super helpful.

We shared two muffins. One was a green tea muffin and one was a lemon poppy seed. They rotate flavors but it sounded like they always have a couple of vegan muffins and sometimes other vegan baked goods. They had a prepackaged oatmeal raisin cookie that we bought and ate later (after it completely crumbled in my purse, darn it!). The cookie was perfect. The muffins were good but pretty dense, they may have needed about 3-5 more minutes in the oven.

They also had a cold chickpea salad and a cold lentil salad that were vegan. They looked really good and the girl who was helping us claimed that she loved them, but we didn't try them so I can't say with certainty that they're awesome. :)

rating star

The chickpea salad is great for a light vegan lunch. I love that they offer vegan muffins.

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