Jenni's Noodles

Houston, Texas


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This is not authentic and they are greedy with the tofu but the teddys not gay and pho is good. It is pricey and portions can be small but I love that they label whats vegan & have a vegan menu. The service at 20th is always good

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There are several Jenni's Noodles locations, and I'm not even sure which location I visited. They know vegan well, and have enough options to make the decisions difficult. The faux pho was absolutely delicious. A little overpriced for noodles, but at least you know there's no fish sauce.

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The food was pretty good, and it came out very quickly. It's not the best Thai or Chinese I've ever heard by a long shot, but I do appreciate the clearly marked vegan options. It's near the University of Houston, which is convenient, and if you're in the area it's worth checking out.

It also worked well for my group, since I was the only vegan, and the others I was with wouldn't've wanted to go to an all-veg restaurant.

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