International Bistro at Las Candelas

Tucson, Arizona


rating star

The food is really, really good and there are many vegetarian options, even a few vegan options! The grilled vegetable salad was delicious without dressing--they offer a few but it really didn't need any. There are a few items that can be made veg (especially a few of the appetizers) by asking for them without meat or butter. They seem to be able to change these items as you desire, and all of the food is extremely fresh.

The service is good but they staff is constantly busy. If you don't make reservations, don't bother going, especially on a Friday or Saturday. All of the ingredients are purchased daily and the menu changes depending on what they have on hand. There are menus on the web site but whenever I've gone there are several additions and subtractions, especially dessert-wise, that are special for that night. They usually have one vegan dessert, a sorbet, but I've never tried it.

Note: The hummus is NOT vegan and contains eggs. The empanadas do contain butter, and although the vegetarian samosas are not fried in the same oil as any meat items, the waitress never got back to me on whether or not they contained butter. It's best not to order these items if vegan and if you haven't called ahead (you'll see the staff is scrambling the entire time you're there).

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