Miss Saigon

Tucson, Arizona


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Vegetarian/vegan items are not clearly marked and you may need to ask about any items. I know for sure that the stir-fry and steamed veggie/rice plates are vegan, as is the rice noodle bowl (without broth) with veggies.

I've honestly only tried a few items because I can't get over how good they are and try something else. =) I think #10 or 11, which is stir fry with fried tofu, vegetables, and rice, and then another like it with steamed tofu and no sauce on the veggies are my two favorites. They also have vegan summer rolls, fried or not, and a few other vegan options that I haven't tried. Most of the items that are vegan are also the vegetarian choices, and the vegetarians also have the option of ordering milk tea and one or two more entree items.

The teas/drinks are really good. You can order fruit slushes (with or without the add-ins of tapioca (boba/bubble), coconut jelly, etc.) or you can make them into "snow" slushes (milk is added. You must specify that you want soy, and I think in a few cases that isn't an option--a few drinks are listed under the "snow" menu and they aren't on the regular fruit slush menu, so they could be pre-mixed). They also have fresh coconut milk and regular teas, hot or cold, to enjoy.

One note: I'm fairly certain the vegetable pho IS NOT vegetarian. The broth used to be chicken and that fact was noted on the menu. I think the restaurant owners may be using vegetable broth now, because the menu no longer has this note, but I highly suggest asking before ordering.

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