Wild Ginger Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York City


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I really want to like this place but I've been about 4 times and just can't get excited about it. The atmosphere is bright, warm, clean, and trendy, but I find the food to be very mediocre.

I've had a number of lunch and dinner entrees, none of which were remarkable enough to remember, and all were well-prepared, in that the ingredients were fresh and the presentation was attractive, but I feel they all lacked flavor and creativity. What I mostly recall about my meal are the vegan cheese wontons, which I was SOOOO excited about. I was imagining the crispy "cheese rangoons" that I used to get at Chinese restaurants with cream cheese and scallions inside. Not so. These rangoons, while fairly tasty, were mostly spinach, with little chunks of "soy cheese", which actually tasted like frozen tofu and nothing like soy cheese.

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I go there for lunch sometimes.. it is cheap and awesome. I order the sweet and sour soy protein always good. it comes with miso, rice and tea

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