William Taft Vegetarian Diner

Brooklyn, New York City

Closed as of May 15 08

155 Calyer Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222


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100% vegetarian diner

Vegetarian/Vegan Cuisine. Full menu (breakfast lunch and dinner) served all hours. Lots of smoothies, sandwiches, soups, and salads available. Daily soup and dessert specials. Vegan muffins made on premises.

Added by Cass Danger on Jun 22 07 (last updated Nov 30 09)

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Let me just preface this by saying that it was past time that Greenpoint got a good Veg joint!

This is definitely a great place to eat and has many vegan options. I'll admit that the service is lackluster, mostly because they cook the food when you order and it seems that the aren't really in a rush to do so. Yet the people that work there are wonderful and every time I've gone, they've been nothing but nice to me and at times even kept me entertained. The food isn't too greasy or heavy and it feels like a healthy meal. They use fresh veggies and I always feel like I get my money's worth. You can tell that there is a youthful force behind the place and it can come off as hectic, spastic, and very disorganized - but I honestly find it charming. Just make sure to go when you have the time to relax and wait for the food.

Note: The french toast rocks too!

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They have plenty of vegan options but I wasn't overly impressed. My friends and I went on the first day they opened and they were pretty disorganized and frazzled, which I suppose can be expected on the opening day. However, it didn't seem like employees were overly concerned with cleanliness (staff with really dirty fingernails preparing and serving food, and staff not washing their hands before touching food after they've handled money or touched their hair/face). I haven't been back since opening day, so hopefully they've gotten better.

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Between Lorimer and Guernsey. G to Greenpoint Avenue.


No Reservations


$ - inexpensive


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8am - midnight

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