Life Cafe NINE83

Brooklyn, New York City


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This isn't my favorite restaurant but it's the closest veg-friendly place to my house and it's open late so I often end up bringing visiting friends here for a late-night meal. I've had a few things off the menu and they've always been good, but never spectacular. Their tofu fajitas are pretty good and those are always offered. Last time I was there, I had a seitan cheesesteak, which I think was on special, but wasn't too impressed with it. The seitan texture was sort of weird but the overall flavor was pretty good.

While I'm really glad that Life has added more vegan stuff over the years, I'm disappointed that they seem to refuse to add vegan desserts. All they've ever offered is a fruit crisp (minus the ice cream), which is sort of disapointing since you're only getting half the dessert you pay for.

This is a fun restaurant and probably a good place to drink or pick up dudes/chicks, if you're into that. I'm not really a bar type so it's not my thing, but it's pretty popular w/ other local folks.

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the vegan burger is great and well that is about it. it doesnt come with anything so remember to ask for a side salad.

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