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My friend and I tried to eat dessert at Chuch. After discovering that most of their dessert options are NOT vegan, I was even more disappointed to find out that the restaurant would not allow me to order dessert without ordering dinner (even though the seating area was half empty and even though I had *just* eaten dinner next door at Chu Chai, which is under the same ownership). I ended up ordering my coconut tapioca pudding "to go" since the cashier would not allow me to sit down. The pudding was good, but probably not worth $4.

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I really liked the food but I thought it was a bit overpriced and the 5 microwaves behind the buffet table were a bit offputting. The "large" plate was about $11 or $12 but it didn't fill me up. I would only pay about $8 or $9 for that much food, although it did taste really good.

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I ate here twice when I was in Montreal recently. It's in a very central location in the hip Plateau area of town, which is awesome. It's also pretty affordable, which is great. AND they let you byob and there is an adorable little liquor store right down the street where you can get cold beers or a bottle of wine to go with dinner. So those are the pluses. The minuses - The food is very lackluster. There's a fake beef satay appetizer thing which is AWESOME, but everything else I had was so-so. You choose your items from a deli case and they microwave the crap out of it until it all has the taste and texture of rubber. The second day I was there, I noticed some people order off of a menu instead of from the deli case and their food looked much more appetizing, so I would DEFINITELY suggest doing this if the option is available on the day that you go.

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