100% Natural

Acapulco, Guerrero


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Ignorant waiters! I made clear I wanted no cheese and no dairy, and we do speak Spanish. My dish arrived with cheese! The waitress told me to just "not eat that part". We returned the dish and I had nothing for dinner. Last year was much better in that restaurant. The waitress also told me that a tofu dish had cheese and she checked with the kitchen. I am sure that information was wrong, but at least she knew I really did not want cheese. The waiters did not know ingredients of fruit drinks and other food information. Very poor service.

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100% was definitely a nice find in Mexico, since a lot of the food tends to be not very veg friendly. I had the soy "steak" tacos, and they were rather tasty. Service is good, and it's nicely air-conditioned to save you from the heat.

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