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Beautiful place to be with animals! : )

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Great place, so so wonderful. Stay at the bed & breakfast and get an almost-private tour. Hang out with cows, pigs, and goats. Admire bunnies, chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks from a distance.

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Farm Sanctuary is an amazing place. It was really touching, being able to see the rescued animals living out their lives as naturally as possible. It reaffirmed my reasons for choosing to be a vegan. I could go on and on about Farm Sanctuary and how wonderful I think they are as an organization. However, I'm mostly writing these reviews to help other vegans in pursuit of food, so I thought I should comment that Farm Sanctuary isn't half bad as a vegan cuisine destination. If you stay at the B&B, they serve vegan pastries for breakfast. The Farm Sanctuary Visitor Center gift shop has a wide array of vegan cookies, candy, dairy-free ice cream sandwiches, fruit bars, juices, soy milk and other yummy vegan snack food. If you're looking for vegan leather or cruelty-free shampoo they have a few of those items for sale (and lots more to try out and then order for yourself online).

A great place to visit when you have the chance, and bring some friends. Meet farm animals up close, watch movies in the video viewing room, shop at the gift shop, even stay at their on-site bed and breakfast and make a weekend out of it. The town has a number of veg-friendly restaurants, and the Finger Lakes region is well known for its wine tours (a nice incentive for people who might not normally want to visit a vegan farm).

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