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I went here with a vegan friend who LOVES the food, so I maybe had high expectations. I loved that they have a separate vegan menu, but you have to ask for it, which was a little sad since it would be nice if people could see all the vegan options! I ordered a noodle dish and got a rice dish to go to take home for my husband. It was tasty but REALLY greasy. I mean, they pile the oil on. I wish I had asked for light on the oil (as I do at a lot of restaurants) because it's really unhealthy to eat such high amounts of oil.

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I was slightly worried that there was fish sauce in my food -- something didn't seem quite right. Also, I don't think their stuff on the GF menu is truly GF -- I got a severe reaction after eating here. My guess is that they use soy sauce which has wheat in it.

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The food here ranges from meh to not bad. Of the things I've had there, the Pad See Iew is probably the best. Most of the dishes are a bit bland and sweet, lacking depth.

The vegan(ish) menu is helpful, and the servers do know what vegan means.

I think there are better places for Thai food in the Twin Cities, notably Sen Yai Sen Lek, True Thai, and Kindee.

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The service was very friendly and helpful, but they mixed up my order and gave my dish to someone else. They were very apologetic. I ate the other dish anyway, and it was flavorful. The ambiance was dark and quiet, and overall it's a pleasant place. I'd go back.

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The maitre-d' said they could make any dish vegan, but you never know whether a place is really going to get that right. So, forewarned by VegGuide, we asked about fish paste in the green bean stir fry. Our server said yes, the ginger curry had fish in it, but they could make it without. She then, unprompted, asked us if egg was OK in the pad see iew, and suggested sweet and sour sauce in place of a cardamom-condensed milk sauce with our fried pumpkin appetizer.

We didn't interrogate further, so I can't swear everything was vegan, but everything was delicious! And at least one server seemed clued in enough to vegan concerns to give me a warm, welcome feeling.

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Amazing Thailand is my favorite Thai place in the city! It's great to have the all vegan menu, even though you do have to ask for it. Everything I've ever had here has been good, Pad See Ew is my favorite! I also love the sauce that comes with the spring rolls. There are so many veg options available at Amazing Thailand!

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UPDATE: I came back to Amazing Thailand to try their vegan menu. You have to ask for it and they don't seem to have a ton of copies floating around (it's basically a take-out menu, and not laminated or anything). As others have mentioned, the menu isn't entirely vegan (though it is vegetarian). One server was knowledgeable about fish sauce and shrimp paste, but the other server we had to confirm that we wanted our dishes without egg and without egg noodles. Clearly she did not understand what "vegan" meant (but she was friendly and helpful, nevertheless). The dishes on the vegan menu aren't special or new---they're on the main menu as well, but it's nice to have everything consolidated in one space. Relabeling their main menu with a "v" next to dishes could help as well in determining what's vegan.

We started off with spring rolls ($5.95) which were pretty bland and just your average rice paper wrapped clear noodle-carrot-bean sprout concoction. Not very appealing and fairly pricey at six bucks.

I had a "lad nah" with tofu ($10.95) for my main dish which is one of my favorites when done right. It consists of flat, wide rice noodles that are pan fried and form a half crispy, half soft texture that is just wonderful. The dish is covered in a brown gravy, and with Chinese broccoli and tofu. Amazing Thailand did an adequate job, though they used way too much gravy which made the noodles lose their precarious, fleeting crispiness too quickly. The gravy could have been slightly saltier and thicker as well.

My friend had a pad thai with mock duck ($10.95) which she thought was okay, but nothing great.

If I were in the mood for Thai food, and not looking to drive, Amazing Thailand isn't a bad standby to have around. If you're looking for spicier, more authentic Thai food, I recommend Sen Yai Sen Lek (in Minneapolis) or Bangkok Thai Deli (in St. Paul).

Original review: I came here on a Friday night and easily found a spot at the bar, but groups of two or more should make reservations or be prepared to wait for a table. Amazing Thailand seems to be a popular date spot and the crowd consists almost entirely of people aged 22-32.

The decor is nice and the service was prompt and efficient at the bar.

I had a Pahd Ped (chili stir fry) with tofu ($12) which was pretty decent. I wouldn't go out of my way to have it, but it was certainly acceptable and well-presented---it was symmetrical and had a good array of colors and textures. The menu also has a number of other veganizable stir frys with different ingredients. But be warned that only one of the curries is vegetarian/vegan (the "Amazing Thai," which is a thick peanut sauce curry), as the rest all have fish sauce or shrimp paste pre-mixed. Pre-mixed stocks are a classic sign of sinful shortcuts in Thai cooking and something which is looked down upon in Thailand, but is somehow acceptable in the US.

Two major gripes: they don't offer brown rice and they charge $1 for extra white rice. The brown rice issue was expected; but I detest restaurants that charge extra for rice, especially if it's crappy white rice. It's something you won't see in Asia (or even on Nicollet Avenue), but it's common in hip, upper-middle class areas where the customers don't know any better and probably wouldn't complain regardless. But it's a rip-off, as the restaurant's cost for a small cup of white rice is probably 5 cents or less, but they charge you a full dollar, jacking up their margins; and they practically force you to buy more rice as the free amount they provide with the dish is paltry.

Amazing Thailand probably does have the best Thai food in Uptown as it's better than Tum Rup or Chiang Mai, but the quality of the food still pales in comparison to pretty much any restaurant on Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis or University Avenue in St. Paul.

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The vegan menu is nice, and fairly extensive. The portions are huge. The food is about average. I'd probably go back just because of the vegan menu though.

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Amazing! This place won my heart when I uttered the word "vegan," and our server promptly produced an extensive, ENTIRELY VEGAN menu. The last time that happened I was in LA. This is huge. It's my policy to always use the word vegan when I dine out, and it appears as though we're making headway. Hopefully other local restaurants follow suit.

I had the Amazing Curry with mock duck, and thought it was quite good. I tend to eat a lot, and this is the first time in recent memory that I brought half of my meal home.

Great date spot. Highly recommend.

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All style, no substance. The decor is great, but the food is terrible. I ordered my noodles vegan, they came cooked w/ eggs in a meat sauce. I tried to eat it, but it was so meat-ridden I had to send it back. The service was VERY slow. And its expensive! I'll never go back & don't recommend it. Stick to Evergreen for food, go here for drinks.

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Amazing Thailand has great food and almost everything can be made to (vegan) order without any hesitation from the servers. The food is very fresh and authentic. Also be careful of the dipping sauce that comes with the spring rolls since it has fish sause. You are safe with the curry peanut sauce or sweet & sour sauce that can are available upon request.

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pretty good food. one dish was really tasty, the other pretty good. most stuff could be made vegan (except curries). staff knew well what could be vegan. pretty decor. fast service. nothing completely exceptional but definitely good and will try it again.

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