Alhambra Palace

Chicago, Illinois


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I can't rate the food here (have never eaten there), but I WILL say that their Tuesday night salsa dancing is fantastic. The restaurant/dance floor is absolutely beautiful, the music good, and the atmosphere is inviting. I danced the night away until 2am but even if you don't dance, you can hang out and enjoy watching other people, as I saw many people doing. It's hard to come by dance spots that offer good vegan options so I'm pretty excited to find out that they offer good vegan options. I will definitely be back to eat.

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I really love it, beautiful palace. the service was great, they make you feel important not like other places that just take your order and forget about you. love the lentil soup... I highly recommend this restaurant.

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The interior is beautiful, but the food really didn't match. The hummus was like any other hummus, the lentil soup was not impressive (it almost tasted like it came from a can), and the veggie kabobs were definitely lacking seasoning and flavor. My lunch companion really enjoyed his non-veg entree (lamb) though, so perhaps the focus is on meat dishes.

The service was also a big sluggish because there was one server for the whole batch of people that were in the restaurant.

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