Ethical Planet

Evanston, Illinois


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I had the opportunity to meet with the owner, Fran Horvath, on two separate occasions: once when I visited her store and once when she came to the vegetarian restaurant I was working at. She was nothing but helpful and friendly to me as I asked many questions about the store and its products. The store also has a partnership with Wild Tree Cafe which offers fresh produce in addition to the grocery and clothing items at Ethical Planet. Due to an inability to offer products in mass amounts, it is a little more expensive to shop here than a large corporate chain. However, I think it is worth a little extra to support local businesses that employ and profit local people, do not sell animal products of any kind, and offer a unique flavor to our neighborhoods.

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true, this is a vegan store with some interesting items. however, the two times i visited, i was very unimpressed with the selection and the owner's attitude. she was cold and unfriendly. also, the items can all be purchased at much friendlier prices elsewhere. this is a boutique for folks with a lot of disposable income. you're better off shopping at wild oats and getting specialty items online at vegan retailers with an established reputation.

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I stopped by here on the first grand opening day, and I was impressed with the range of wares that were available. The shop itself is laid out beautifully, and there's a nice selection of vegan sweets, baking supplies, and cleaning products. I love the fact that this shop is 100% vegan.

The owner is very friendly, and she was always around to answer questions.

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