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Orange County, California


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The UCI location is my go-to Veggie Grill. I dined at the Irvine Spectrum location once, and the food there was every bit as good as my location, but two things put the UCI VG over the top. 1) Service: The manager, Ingrid, deserves all the credit here, as this is just a great place to eat. 2) Location: It's much closer to my house, and it's not at that zoo of humanity, the Irvine Spectrum. I'm still giving them both five stars; this is good vegan grub.

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This restaurant is truly fantastic!! Every time I passed by it, I smelled the sweet and salty aroma of their famous "sweetheart fries." One day, they offered free samples and I was hooked. It is truly a great place to take family and friends because they will have no idea it's all vegan... unless you decide to tell them. The Bali Burger with tempay was especially delectable (try it with avocado!). Everything from the fresh lemonade to the chili to the chocolate pudding made me hum with joy the whole way home. An inspiring place for people who need that extra push into vegan cuisine. And guilt-free, too! :)

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This restaurant was the tipping point that turned my carnivorous boyfriend into a vegetarian!

The sweet potato fries are a MUST-eat. AND they offer the most delicious organic ketchup!

The atmosphere is wonderful as the employees are happy and the food is prepared quickly.

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We are very pleased with the Veggie Grill. Their chillin chicken is indeed the best. We were fans of the peanut butter parfait which is sadly no longer offered. They did make up for it with their cheesecake.. topped with sooooo many berries.. fresh too! Their chipotle ranch sauce is the best vegan ranch I've had. And I vastly prefer sweetheart fries. I even eat them cold the next day! We always go back for more.

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My friends and I are not vegetarians, but we decided to try TVG due to a lot of local buzz about the place. We were blown away! It is simply great: the food, the look, the feel, the cleanliness, the employees, the bathrooms...and did I say the food? What they have created, delicious food that is healthy, is amazing. I wish that I could buy stock in this company.

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The good news is there’s a new restaurant in Irvine where even non-vegetarians will find plenty to eat without sacrificing taste or texture.

The Veggie Grill features a menu of reliable American favorites. Unlike the veggie burgers of old, however, you’ll find that the meat substitutes at The Veggie Grill more than compensate for the vegetarian switcheroo. You’ll be amazed at the variety and heartiness of the flavors you encounter.

For starters, check out the Chill Out Wings. This is chillin’ chickin’ in a BBQ sauce, and I suggest you begin with this, because once you taste the chillin’ chickin’, you’ll be a believer. From there, you can explore the menu. Salads include a chef’s salad, the Baja Fiesta and a Chinese chickin’ salad. Each is infused with quinoa, a high-protein grain known for its nutritional benefits. If you’re not in the mood for a salad, check out the selection of sandwiches and burgers.

I had the Island Getaway: coconut-milk-battered tempeh, lightly fried, with teriyaki-glazed pineapple on a whole-wheat bun. A side of coleslaw and an order of Sweetheart Fries, made from sweet potatoes instead of regular white potato, rounded out my order. Will you have the Coup de Carrot Cake, or opt for the Divine Chocolate Pudding? I couldn’t resist the Chocolate Decadence, a double-layered French chocolate cake.

Great food, nice people in a clean, attractive setting. Highly recommended...

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