Grumpy's Bar & Grill

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Their food is fine, a bit greasy in my opinion. But I prefer to drink in a place where the staff is friendly.

I have been here on several occasions, because I have a few friends who love it. One time, I waited at the bar for 10 minutes, and the bartender still wouldn't come.

There are a lot of nice bars with good veggie food, and I prefer to go to them.

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The dark and drab atmosphere inside Grumpy's depresses me; I wouldn't say it makes me grumpy, but it does make me sad. All the colors are black or grey, the bartenders are not talkative (though the servers are friendly and attentive) and it's just generally not a bar I enjoy going to.

It does have lots of space, though, and a pretty decent location with a fair amount of street parking nearby.

People rave about the tater tots, but I could taste the "frozen" in them and got bored after three or four.

Also, the kitchen is not forthcoming about ingredients in their food. For example, none of us have been able to determine whether there's honey in the BBQ sauce (for the mock duck sandwich) or if the breads/buns they use are completely vegan. They just wouldn't tell us anything. So the kitchen staff either didn't know or didn't want to say, which is both unusual and unacceptable.

All in all, I'd rather go the 501 Club a few blocks away, which has more food options and better atmosphere.

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I love this place. Great, friendly staff, generally good food, and a great parking lot/easy parking. Generally one of my favorite places to go.

All of that said... check the Twins calendar before you go though--during home games, the parking lot is pay ($10 when we went to a recent Twins games, and then $5 an hour later when we came out of Grumpy's... what the...!), the menu shrinks (no bbq mock duck sandwich) AND becomes really expensive, and food is served on disposable plates. You're better off going to the Triple Rock before a Twins game.

Otherwise... hooray Grumpy's!

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A fun place to enjoy a drink and still be able to eat something tasty and vegetarian!

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I've been here once for a group dine out. The quesadillas were good and crumbled veggie burger can be substituted for the ground beef. The food wasn't the best, but I guess the point is that of-age vegans can go there and drink and enjoy a veg snack.

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Grumpy's is a decent place for vegetarians to eat, especially considering that it's mainly just a bar.

I can only recall one vegan item on their menu, namely, their veggie chili, which is spicy and satisfying.

As far as vegetarian items go, the stuffed olive thingys (yes, that's what they're called!) or deep fried mac and cheese might be the way to go, if you're looking for something different.

Grumpy's is fun, and a good place to eat when there isn't something going on at the Metrodome. Before Twins games, however, it gets crowded, the servers are rushed, and the menu is limited-- keep that in mind if you're looking for more than beer.

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