Chipotle Mexican Grill

Tucson, Arizona


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I like Chipotle. It's the kind of place where you can meet up with omni friends for a quick lunch and have some options. Basically blacks beans are the only protein option but you can get them in a salad, tacos, burrito, or bowl. Guacamole is great too!

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MMM! Yummy AND vegan-friendly! I love chipotle. I would suggest asking the person making your food to keep a close eye on it though, because sometimes when they are busy (or lazy) they push the tortilla along the counter without paying attention and it gets into the meat, or they spill cheese in their gauc or on the counter and it ends up wrapped up in your burrito.

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You get a better value than meat eaters at Chipotle. That's because the vegetarian tacos and burritos are a little cheaper than the meat option and also include free guacamole added which normally costs extra.

I always get my free guacamole on the side so I can add it on my own and get a side of chips to use it on too. Near the end of the lineup is the salsas, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and lettuce. I always say which salsas I want then as they are adding the salsa I say "and no cheese or sour cream, just lots of lettuce and please put the guacamole on the side." This way I figure they will stuff the rest of my tacos or burrito with plenty of salsa and lettuce rather than leave room for cheese and sour.

The burritos are huge and sometimes I take it home and cut it in half and wrap up the rest for later. Get the guacamole on the side and it wont get soggy hours later.

I mix up my burritos and tacos by occasionally adding the fajita onion/peppers which adds a whole new taste and texture. The sweet corn salsa is very good and the guacamole is some of the best I've had.

They make your selection right in front of you like subway sandwiches does. The only bad thing is you gotta look at all the meat in front of you and sometimes cooking on the grill.
They do use individual tongs for each vat of meat.

The pinto beans are not vegan and this really irritates me since it's a staple vegetable and it's not vegetarian! Come on! Pinto beans tastes great without adding pig meat! The black beans are vegan but it would be awesome if we could add pinto beans.

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