Peter Piper Pizza

Tucson, Arizona


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The worst pizza by far I have ever tried. The tomato sauce tastes like condensed tomato soup, and the cheese has little flavor. Gross!

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I really like Peter Pipers Pizza's crust on occasion, it's flatter (but not too thin) and denser than other places, has a little corn meal on the bottom, and tastes great without cheese. The sauce is a little different too. Sometimes I find myself craving it versus other pizza, but also the opposite happens. It's my girlfriend's favorite vegan pizza.

Three times now I have had my order get accidentally made with cheese or half with cheese but I was offered a free pizza the first time they messed up and a free drink the other times. Once in awhile it seems there's some confusion over the phone.

I usually get a pizza half with olives and pineapple and the other half onion and green pepper. The tomato topping is very chunky and with seeds had appears to be the warehouse ripened variety.

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