Essen, Germany


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I organized a work meeting for about 20 people in Essen, and this was one of the places we went to. We had two children with us. Our group had both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. We made reservations and were given several smaller tables pushed together. The restaurant was noiser than any of the others we went to.

I ordered several small dishes of different types of sauces which were served with bread. It was listed as an appetizer but was suitable as a main meal as well. I got a selection of 20, and asked them to avoid giving me seafood. This worked out fairly well: I didn't get any fish, but I couldn't finish the dishes. Luckily one of my co-workers helped--he liked the food so much that he finished his own meal, half of two other meals, and more than a third of two more. Everyone seemed to appreciate the food, although perhaps not quite as much as he did!

My main complaint with this restaurant is the smoking. In addition to the normal amount of smoke you get in a German restaurant, which I don't much appreciate, there is the smoke from scented water pipes. We had to open the window for some relief.

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