la India Bonita

Essen, Germany


rating star

I organized a work meeting for about 20 people in Essen, and this was one of the places we went to. We had two children with us. We made reservations and were given a set of tables in a row. In a nice touch, they left some space between tables so that we ended up in groups of 4 or 5, which gave us easier access to our seats and also better conversations, although we were still near enough to see the rest of the group.

There were no objections from any in the group (vegetarians and non-vegetarians) about the food. I am personally a bit spoiled when it comes to Indian food, and so I had to rate this as standard. I was invited to order for our personal table (5 people) and I tried to get a mix of mild and spicy dishes, for instance massala and korma. I found the sauces difficult to distinguish--everything was equally spicy (hotter than a typical korma, and milder than a typical massala).

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