Seattle, Washington


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Wonderful vegan pizza. You get to choose whatever toppings you want, and pizzas come in two sizes - the 14" is gluten-free. The soy cheese is great, the crust is nice and thin. The only problem is it can be unexpectedly closed, so I'd suggest calling before you go.

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A group of friends and I were dragged here by the only vegan in our group. She suggested Juliano's because they were open late (and because they were vegan). She called in advance to see if they were still open, it being almost 3am. He told her that he'd stay open for us. (:
Now, I was not a vegan at the time, but that pizza was so good! The soy cheese was excellent. Service was great, and the only thing about it was that it was a bit pricey.
All in all, I know when I return to Seattle I'm hittin' it up again.

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