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This vegan food cart makes impressive South Indian food at extremely low prices (everything costs $2-6).

The first time I had a samosa ($1.75) and veg. roti ($2). The samosa was delicious---it was lightly fried, with a medley of spices, but didn't feel greasy, oily or heavy like samosas at other snack food Indian joints. The veg. roti was pretty good, though it was basically just a bread roll filled with potato, and a bit blander than the samosa.

The second time I went I had the vegan drumstick ($1.75 for one, or 2 for $3), which is lightly sweetened fried soy meat on a stick, served with garlic-chili hot sauce on the side. I liked these drumsticks as a simple, meaty snack that makes you feel more a part of the NYC street food culture.

I didn't like how they served the items on a paper plate and allowed all the different sauces and chutneys to ooze together and mix into the main food. I like to have control over my sauces and chutneys.

The guy seems super-friendly and he's extremely efficient, though the lines can get unruly around the cart and he seemed to take other people's orders before mine. In the end, though, this is great, cheap all-vegan South Indian food, which you won't find anywhere else in the world, as far as I can tell.

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This dude is awesome. I myself also happened to stumble upon this gentlemen a few years back and every time I go to WSP I'm always up for his amazingly great omg to dye for lil' samosas and "chicken." But it is true that he's not always there, sucks but what can you do?

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this is an amazing lunch too. It is on the heavy side.. but it is suppose to be.

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I love this guy. Delicious and cheap vegan food. You can't go wrong with a dosa and a drumstick. The only problem is that you get SO much packaging for each meal (plate, fork, cup for soup, cups for sauces, etc.). However, he'll let you bring your own dishes and serve you on those. (-:

Unfortunately, he sometimes goes days or weeks at a time without being there (usually when he's busy catering or something), so have a back up plan. Madras Mahal on 2nd Ave between 4th and 5th street is probably the closest veg Indian place.

If you just want a samosa, drumstick, or other quick, fried item, you can get it from the take-out window in front of the cart and don't have to wait in line (which is often quite long), which is for food that needs to be cooked, i.e. dosas, curries, etc.

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I stumbled upon this gem of a street vendor one day as I was walking past Washington Square park. I saw a little sign that said "VEGAN" and I was off like a shot. The man behind the scenes is a real sweetheart and willing to answer any questions about what things are if you're ignorant about the menu. They have awesome drumsticks that have a little sugar cane "bone" in the middle and everything. Its also pretty darn reasonable.

DEFINITELY worth a try if you're in the WSP area!

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