Carly's Bistro

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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When you're downtown and need to find a place to satisfy multiple appetites, try Carly's. I was hesitant to go because the vegan option seemed boring, but they are actually quite vegan friendly and the prices are good. I will occasionally get the vegan wrap, but usually go for the hummus trio - request vegan (the pita has dairy, but they will give you more chips or veggies or lavosh bread instead). Of course they have beer, wine, etc. too. It doesn't have more than a couple vegan options, but the servers always know what is vegan and the location/horus are so convenient to stop in.

I love wandering in at an odd hour after walking around Roosevelt Row and being able to get food. It gets extremely busy on First Fridays, so don't expect to get a table right away or at all on those days.

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There really is something for everyone at Carly's! I took a diverse crowd and we all loved the food and atmosphere. There are quite a few vegetarian items, clearly marked, and while the vegan choices are limited they are delicious. Hummus is especially tasty! The waitress knew what was vegan and gave suggestions. As far as drinks go, I got myself a delightful SOY white russian. Happy hour from 4-7pm, half price appetizers and $1 off beer and wine. I will be back!

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