Julian's Providence

Providence, Rhode Island


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Yum! I noticed a ton of brunch places in Providence but most vegan options were limited to oatmeal or a bagel with peanut butter (lame!). As such, I was super happy to find Juian's. I dined with friends and we shared a few items. I thought the def scram breakfast was the best (tofu scramble, seasoned potatoes, and toast) and it came with pea shoots - very classy for a bar! I had the vegan carrot cake pancakes, which were good, but the texture was a little chewy. That said, it was clever to have walnuts in the pancakes and have a cream cheese sauce on top. I also loved that the pancakes came with both the sauce and maple syrup - well done!

I also had the homemade teriyaki sausage, which had a good flavor but was exceedingly dry. The server apologized and took it off the bill (again, well done!) and I look forward to trying it another time in the future.

Very cool atmosphere and I like that there's outdoor seating, but the place was PACKED on Sunday around 11am (40 minute wait), so allow yourself some time if you go!

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Julian's is hit and miss, but for their prices I really think there should be less misses.
I like going in the winter time because their soup is always good. They have good vegan and vegetarian options, but a few terrible options like their bean burger and wraps which you should never get.

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Julian's makes AMAZING vegan brunch. I showed up around 12:30 and had to wait about 40 minutes before I could get a table, but it was well worth it (note: the wait time seems to be a lot shorter if you show up after the lunch rush). Julian's has a separate vegan menu, containing delicious-sounding items like Orange Cinnamon French Toast, "Eggs" Benedict with Vegan Hollandaise Sauce, Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes, Tempeh Sausage, not to mention a couple of vegan sandwiches. There is also a fabulous drink menu, which includes a variety of alcoholic beverages (sangria, mimosas, absinthe-infused cocktails), freshly "squozen" lemonade, coffee drinks (with soy!) and smoothies/juices. I highly recommend the "strawberry shortcake" mimosa (champaign, strawberry puree and vanilla vodka) and the tempeh sausage.

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This has to be one of the best spots in RI to get vegan meals. You have to try the vegan brownies... You may not realize you are in the right place but follow the mapquest directions and it's the only restaurant around. Go in, it's worth it...

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