Amsterdam's Falafels

Omaha, Nebraska


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I love this place! I wish I could afford to eat there every week, the food is fresh and very, very good, and filling. You can easily make two meals out of one order.

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now, i've had falafels in new york, amsterdam, paris, and amsterdam falafels were by far the best falafels i've ever had. the curry fries are very tasty too!

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The menu at Amsterdam's Falafels is short, but good. The title Falafels come in a wrap (pita bread) with a vegan sauce and vegetables. They also have curry fries as a side, though the portions of sides are so big you could eat them as a meal.

Almost all menu items are vegan.

The person who takes your order makes the food right in front of you, so everything is hot and fresh when served.

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