Nearly Normal's Gonzo Cuisine

Corvallis, Oregon


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Great hearty vegetarian food with some vegan options, too.

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Nearly Normal's is the best place in Corvallis for vegan/vegetarian food. I like their veggie plates the best,meaning the entrees that feature veggies over other items. They also offer seasonal specials that make good use of what veggies might be available and freshest at the time. The sunburger is also good. The menu is a bit schizophrenic. There are alot of mexican type dishes, and some italian/pasta type dishes, most of which are not vegan. I find this unfortunate, as they could easily offer modified versions of non-vegan entrees with a bit of extra effort. It does kind of limit the choices, and as the only fully vegetarian restaurant in the city, it's disappointing that they don't cater to vegans a bit more. They can also be a bit crabby about substitutions, depending on who is behind the counter.

I would not recommend their breakfast dishes so much, as they ones I've had tended to be over spiced and heavily reliant on potatoes.

The atmosphere is nice, with lots of seating options(small tables, big ones, tucked away ones etc.)and they have a great patio in the warmer/drier months.

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I just adore Nearly Normal's! This was one of my favorite eating joints when I was living in Corvallis. My favorite dishes are their Tofu Potato, Athena's Delight, Chalupa, Tempechanga, and Verde Burrito. Wow, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! This all-vegetarian (and vegan-friendly) restaurant serves such satisfying, hearty food, not the wimpy "mixed salad greens" entrees offered at some restaurants. (Why do so many meat-eaters think that "vegetarian" means we don't like to eat food?!) Anyways, here's a link to their menu:

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