Uptown Juice Bar

Manhattan, New York City


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oh man this place is great. It's a smorgasboard of vegan soul food, and a great place to go to if you don't really know what you want and want to try just a little bit of a bunch of things that look great.

Pretty much everything I've had here is good, which is good since I can't remember the names of anything I've eaten from the deli and couldn't tell you what's what. They have lots of savory noodle dishes here, jerk dishes, "chicken" wings, even soy-cheeze pizza.

The only thing that kind of sucks about this place are the hours--I think they close at 9 every night, which is pretty weak for New York.

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This place is awesome! They have *a lot* of different dishes, and they are all ready to be served! They scoop various dishes into your plate (I think you get 4 different kinds for the big plate). But unlike similar places, the food is not luke warm; it's hot and very very yummy! I also had one of their fresh juices and it was very flavorful!

They have a huge variety of food (maybe 20 + dishes) as well as vegan desserts and other baked stuff. They definitely get points for that.

The front part of the restaurant is really tiny, but at the back they have a seating area. I suggest sitting there and eating your food hot. Even though the place was super crowded, there was a lot of seating at the back.

It's really close to the train station which was really convenient for me; I wasn't expecting to find a vegan place so close. I would give them a 9 because they only seem to have disposable plates and forks, but they are SO cheap for New York, that I think I'm going to stick to giving them a 10.

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I love this place! They have amazing fake meats and they know how to make veggies taste good (although I rarely order veggies when I'm there because the fake meats are so good). The portions are really big, so unless you're VERY hungry, you'd be good with a small plate.

Their cheese pizza is good but they always seem to be out of it (as they are with their fabled vegan fish sandwich) but their desserts are horrible. They taste like sweet bread with no icing. I hear they started carrying Vegan Treats cakes so look out for that.

Watch out for their hot sauce. It will kick your ass. I advise you to put it on the side and dip your food in it. I was sweating and could barely breathe last time I had it.

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The Uptown Juice Bar is very nice if you like cheap fake meat dishes.

I got a large plate with citrus chicken, BBQ chicken drumsticks, lasagna, and candied yams. The BBQ chicken was wonderful and the portion was generous. The citrus chicken was decent, although nothing special. The lasagna I didn't much care for - it was basically a big pile of ground soy meat covered with a single layer of noodle.

The portions were nice and the large plate was only $9.76 including tax.

I was advised that the deserts are flavorless by a friend, so I didn't try any.

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