Fabulous Fern's

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Fabulous Fern's doesn't have a very good menu for vegans. Certainly, no marked vegan items. After visiting several times, I finally found a server who was super nice and wrote down a nice list of options for me.

The spicy green beans (made in oil/vinegar, not any other sauces or butter), bean dip (no cheese), chicken wild rice salad (no chicken), veggie greek salad (no cheese, kalamata oil dressing) are all vegan options with the noted modifications. The portabella sandwich with no cheese or the veggie burger are vegan -- but the BUN IS NOT VEGAN. She recommended adding fruit or steamed veggies instead of the bun. Finally, the only item on the menu that is vegan without modification is the strawberry spinach salad. It's good, but not satisfying nor filling. I recommend adding some cucumbers or green beans.

All of that said, Fabulous Fern's would get a perfect review if they had vegan buns and marked vegan options on the menu!

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This is a fun night spot on Cathedral Hill. I like to go for their late night happy hours. They serve food till midnight. All their salads are available with tofu upon request. The black bean dip (sans cheese) is a fantastic choice for a vegan appetizer. I've also had the black bean burger and spicy green beans. The staff has always been great about answering my questions and catering to my vegan requests. This is a great choice if you're looking for a place to hang out with a mixed crowd...there is something for everyone. Darts, NTN trivia, drink specials, omni and veg food. Aside from the bar, the dining room is a good place to bring your omni parents when they're in town.

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