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Totally pathetic buffet. The staff is rude and they deliberetly slow down the service, so the food counter is most of the time empty and you have to wait to get the food.. On complaining to lady on counter, she shouted back that I have two hands only.. .
I am never ever going there again, thus the recommendation.

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Sometimes I have to remind myself that the hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurants of my youth are either gone or on the verge of extinction. This is a new era and Indian food isn't so exotic anymore and visiting Curry Up reaffirmed this notion. It's a clean, bright, modern cafe with plenty of space and a savvy, average-priced menu that won't scare off the natives.

Indeed, I was the only person of Indian origins in the restaurant, which is a first for me. The friendly woman at the register was Caucasian and the lone cook was Hispanic. Another customer, who spoke only Spanish, had a hard time ordering, though he seemed pleased by the bits of Spanish in the Slumdog Millionaire song "Jai Ho" which played over the speaker. A globalized world.

I had batata vada ($3.99) which came out a bit too soft and bland for my likes. Similarly, the masala dosa ($7.49) wasn't crispy enough and the potato stuffing lacked zing and was too starchy. All of the food looked perfectly authentic, but the flavors were off, or maybe dumbed-down for suburban tastes. A globalized world, again.

Kudos to them for labeling all their vegan dishes, though. That's a nice touch.

Curry Up also has an Indian grocery section with some staple spices and bulk products.

If I were in the area, Curry Up would edge out Qdoba or Chipotle (the only other vegan-friendly places in that sprawled strip-mall area), but it's otherwise not worth the long drive from Minneapolis or St. Paul proper.

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