Town Talk Diner

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I went here for my best friend's 21st birthday after reading the reviews here on VegGuide. While I did enjoy the meal I got (Organic Tempeh Sandwich without cheese), it seemed like a lot of money for a pretty small sandwich. They also have very few vegan options (Tempeh Sandwich and a couple of salads) and only a few more vegetarian options. I should mention that my idea of fair price for food may be a little skewed as I'm a college student on a budget. This seems like an okay place to take a mixed group of eaters who are a little adventurous (as the food is contemporary). However, I wouldn't suggest going here with a large group of people as it's extremely small.

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The menu is small and the vegetarian options are extremely slim (and only one vegan sandwich). I wouldn't recommend this place at all unless you're being dragged along to dinner with carnis and omnis.

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I love this place! The only entree I have had is the organic tempeh sandwich with no cheese. I get it over and over again because it's so good. The drinks are amazing. I recommend the cardinal cordial and Kentucky cousin. I have called ahead of time and they have let me bring my own soy ice cream for the booze milkshakes. The pumpkin pie is so good. I am thinking if more people request this, maybe they'll start stocking soy ice cream. They are very accommodating of vegans and understand what it means. The food is good, the service is better, and the booze is the best. What more can you ask for?

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