Vinh Loi Tofu

Los Angeles, California

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Vietnamese restaurant & tofu factory

Small cafe where the owner & chef makes all his own tofu & mock meats. Great food, really friendly & even has fresh made soy milk & a small groceries section. (A couple of the dishes contain whey.)

Only use non-GMO soy beans.

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What a lovely restaurant, in a somewhat unexpected strip mall! First off, the service was fantastic! The owner/chef was very friendly, funny, and did a great job of recommending food. If I hadn't just eaten a huge meal at Follow Your Heart (nearby) a few hours before, I would have ordered much more, as the dishes sounded great and the prices were very affordable.

I was referred here because they're supposed to have the best vegan pho on earth. When I told the owner this, he told me that their special soup is actually better and that I should try that. The special soup, I believe, has pho ingredients (faux meat, noodles, bean sprouts), but comes in a very rich, spicy peanut broth. It was fantastic. I added extra Siracha sauce and happily sweat my way through the meal.

I was impressed that they make their own soy milk so I got a small bottle of the pandan leaf soy milk. I'm not quite sure what pandan leaf is but it made the milk slightly green. The soy milk was unbelievably fresh and tasted like no other soy milk I've ever had. It basically tasted like tofu water. It wasn't a bad taste, it just wasn't what I expected, given that I've been drinking more processed soy milks for so long. I can't see myself pouring this on top of cereal since the raw tofu flavor is so strong, but I bet it would be great mixed into savory dishes like tofu frittatas and creamy soups.

Finally, I went with the steamed banana cake with coconut cream and peanuts. It was the most interesting and unique dessert I've ever had. The texture was very soft and slightly chewy and it was not overly sweet. I thought it was mediocre, but my (non-vegan) co-workers thought it was fantastic. I've never seen anything like it so I'm really glad I tried it.

I will definitely be back here to try the other soups and snacks! :)

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Very Impressive!

The owner, Kevin, greeted us when we arrived and treated us as guests during the entire meal... the most phenomenal customer service I have ever seen!

The subs are enormous and filling. I would have preferred a sauce or something on mine as it was a bit dry, but for $4.50 I can't complain.

The soups were incredibly huge and delicious. None of that veggie stock and a few noodles, veggies and tofu pieces thrown in. This soup is full of fresh veggies and different flavored tofu and vege-meats. I normally like to try different items each time I visit a restaurant but I'm not sure I could go there again and not order the curry soup. It was just too delicious!

They make their own tofu and soy milk there which eliminates all that packaging waste.

4 Thumbs Up! :D

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No Reservations

Wheelchair Accessible


$ - inexpensive


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  • Vietnamese


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Soups and subs

Soups and subs

steamed banana cake with coconut cream


9am - 9pm

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