Cafe Gratitude

San Francisco, California

Closed as of Jun 14 09

1336 9th Ave.
San Francisco, California


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Trendy and upbeat cafe featuring raw, organic foods, infused juices, and wine.

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice

Cafe Gratitude is a bright and upbeat cafe in an industrial and increasingly popular neighborhood of San Francisco. The fare is a diverse and interesting variety of raw food items, and only a few items (containing honey) are not vegan. Beyond the delicious food and plenitude of drink options is a bright and trendy decor and a clever menu on which options are affirmations like "I am luscious."

Selected as one of the top 20 vegetarian restaurants in the country for everyday dining!

Added by Ramona on Mar 29 07 (last updated Jun 17 09)

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I've been twice, and the food is excellent! I know one gets what one pays for -- and the price reflects the quality, meaning it's high! Ordering only one or two dishes at a time is better than putting together a multi-course meal only to find yourself way too full and the bill way too shocking.

The blenders make the restaurant really noisy, and I could do without the odd menu naming system, but whatever. This is a San Francisco raw foods restaurant, after all.

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Same menu as their other locations, but a completely different feel to the place. I find this location a little less communal, so I come here when the focus is more on the people I arrive with, even with a large party. Enjoy!

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At Irving.



$$ - average


  • Raw Food


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10am - 10pm

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