Little OTSU

San Francisco, California

Closed as of Jan 1 11

849 Valencia Street
San Francisco, California 94103
(415) 255-7900


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Vegan boutique and materials store

General Store

If you're wondering what "otsu" means, it's an antiquated Japanese word meaning... strange; quaint; stylish; chic; spicy; witty; tasty; romantic (it depends on the context). And that's what Little OTSU sell: cute,chic, witty stuff: wallets, stationary, clothing, etc. And they have a strong interest in little zines and other things; check out their web site for more details.

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I was pretty disappointed with this place. I had high hopes that Little Otsu would have a decent selection of vegan leather products. I knew that they stopped selling shoes, but I was hoping to walk away with a new belt or wallet. However, I didn't see a single vegan leather belt in the whole store and the only vegan wallets that they had were made from recycled materials (which is cool, but doesn't make for a sturdy, long-lasting wallet). If you're looking for stationary, Little Otsu is worth checking out. Otherwise, I don't think it has much to offer.

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This is a cute little shop but it's pretty small and doesn't have a large selection. They have some really nice hand made wallets and they sell the most amazing hand-made soap I've ever found (the lime green is my favorite!). I also got a really nice belt there but it was pretty expensive.

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11:30am - 7:30pm

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