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Judahlicious features a number of excellent juices, smoothies, raw food, and vegan dishes. They have a hemp vegan ice cream (sweetened with agave or jerusalem artichoke syrup) that rocks my world! Flavors vary but one thing that doesn't change is the deliciousness. Definitely worth checking out on your way to the park or beach. Also worth trying is one of the yummy acai smoothies or bowls.

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I had a huge vegan chocolate chip cookie here that was pretty decent. However, there weren't many vegan food items available when I went, other than some baked goods and smoothies.

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The people are awesome-they oppose all forms of oppression and capitalism. They even include vegan options from their neighbor on their menu to contribute to the neighborhood and have sliding scale prices so anybody can eat there -

The food is great - breakfast rocks - waffles, pancakes, scrambles, breakfast burritos. Dinner is great, too - healthy bowls - you always leave stuffed.

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