Goodness Me!

Hamilton, Ontario


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I agree with Mohamjip - this store is a bright, clean, well-stocked and a whole-natural food store. Their product selection is not likely matched anywhere else. They really care about quality with no exception. Exceptional for vegetarians.
I found prices great on many products. There are some items that I can find else where that are cheaper but usually from box-store promotions that are inconsistant.
I have shopped there for years - and feel really good with the pricing. Their education programs and classes are exceptional. They have had numerous vegetarian classes as well. They serve prepared food vegetarian dishes at their deli.

rating star

A bright, clean, well-stocked whole/natural food store. Not strictly vegetarian, but mostly so. I'm giving only a fair rating because of the fact the most products are imported from the states, when I know there are similar products in Canada. The prices are extremely high. A bottle of Vitamin pills at Goodness Me was $9 more expensive than the same product & size at another health food store. If you've got the bucks, go ahead; otherwise you can find what you want somewhere else for less money.

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