Veggie Bite

Chicago, Illinois


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I'm not sure vegan fast food is the greatest idea.
Though I enjoyed the pumpkin pie spice milk shake, the buffalo sandwich was rather dense/heavy and lacking seasoning. The fries were soggy and underseasoned (you don't have to put salt on them, but something). I did not like the tofu sticks at all, which were basically soggy deep-fried tofu. The ambiance is definitely cleaner and more welcoming than a traditional fast-food joint, but the food left me wanting.

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Good food, but the ambiance left something to be desired. I think take-out if the best option with this place because it just isn't very pretty or comfy looking. There were also flies on some of the pastries, which definitely put me off desert!

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Veggie Bite offers an AWESOME all-vegan menu full of your standard fast-food goodies that you can feel good about eating! I got the chili cheese fries, made with a delicious chunky bean and seitan chili and Veggie Bite's own "golden sauce," a delicious cheese substitute. I also got a Supreme wrap, in which I substituted their chick-free nuggets for the standard meat substitute. A super-rich, super-thick milkshake made with Temptation's Cookie Dough Ice Cream was a perfect end to my meal. I can't wait 'til there is a Veggie Bite open in every city, everywhere! This place is just what meat-eating America needs!

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