Mama DeMarini's

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Perfect Vegan Pizza! Really good vegan mozzarella cheese pizza with any toppings you want. They will also make the cheesy garlic bread vegan for you and it's really good but I would save my appetite next time for a larger pizza instead because the crust is really good and unlike Transfer and Olive Pitt they aren't stingy with the vegan cheese. Very ma and pop wisconsin bar atmosphere and when it's busy even the "non smoking" section is super smoky. Very sweet wait staff though and even the cook popped his head out of the kitchen to ask us how we liked the pizza. A+!!

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It was decent. I thought the cheesy pizza was much better than the vegan pizza. For vegan pizza with vegan cheese I'd much sooner recommend the Olive Pit. I'd also recommend that vegan pizza at Transfer that uses avocado instead of cheese. Or even the vegan pizzas at Classic Slice. I liked the folksy Wisconsin atmosphere; it made me feel young again ;-) Good food for a bar.

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All vegan items clearly marked. Pizzas and pastas are solid choices. Try the cheesy bread also!

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Aside from all the smoke, this place is great. The service is always friendly and they have a lot of vegan options (in a really unexpected atmosphere). I've had a number of the vegan pizzas and they were all good. I ordered the stuffed peppers a few years ago, and I think the "vegan" cheese they used had casein because it was so gooey and "cheesey" but I think they've come around because it's all been obviously vegan since then.

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