Dimple Indian Cuisine

Manhattan, New York City


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I really like this place. I'm a sucker for lunch buffets, so this is what I usually have here and I haven't been disappointed, although I'd like to see fewer buffet items with butter and cream.

I had some sort of potato puff balls thing with sauce and lots of spice but I can't remember what it was called. It's probably an appetizer or a small plate (I ordered this separately, it wasn't off the buffet), and it was delicious.

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I'm so happy I found Dimple. Midtown is kind of a wasteland as far as interesting vegan food goes. Dimple has saved my lunch break.

It's authentic south Indian fast food. The chats are the highlight - cheap quick meals like you'd find in India such as bhel puri and sev puri - beans, potatoes, and onions in spicy sauces with puffed crisps - and vada and samosa pav - basically a vada and samosa sandwich, respectively.

They also have more familiar south Indian dishes like dosas, idli/vada and sambar, uthappam, etc.

You can easily get a full meal here for under $10 - under $7 or $8 even.

I haven't tried the buffet - it looks like any buffet you'd find anywhere else, so I stick to the special stuff.

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