Lov'n It Live

Atlanta, Georgia


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I would eat here everyday if I could. The owner said she has been open for seven years. I hope she will always be in business. I love their organic raw vegan food! I traveled to Atlanta to visit my vegetarian doctor and he recommended Lov'n It Live to me. I have many food allergies: cayenne pepper, black pepper, soy, tofu, beans, legumes, wheat gluten, all grains, peanuts, basil, mushrooms, bananas, and strawberries. I told the waitress about my allergies. She told me it was not a problem because they make everything fresh to order. I was the only person in the restaurant at one o'clock on a Friday afternoon. I waited about five minutes for my soup and salad. While I ate, the owner was busy folding table linens in order to get ready for the dinner rush.

I ordered a lot of food because I needed to have vegan food on my return flight. The airport allows food but not beverages through security. I ordered the organic kale salad $11.50, organic vitality soup $9.75, organic sage burger $17, and organic mango pie $9.50. The soup or salad or entree would have been enough food to fill me up. I had enough food for dinner on the flight and lunch the next day! Everything was delicious! I want to go back to Atlanta just to eat here again.

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The wait is long, but they let you know that up front. The food is organic and very fresh. This is the best RAW/Vegan choice in Metro Atlanta!!!

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I came with my wife, we stood there for about 3 minutes before spoken too. We order our food, and the lady(I believe the owner, bald African American female) was giving my wife and I dirty looks. We waited one HOUR and FORTY-TWO minutes for our food. No warning whatsoever.

We just sat there for almost 2 hours, and the place wasnt even half full. :|

We noticed our neighbors had plenty of avacado on their dishes, ours on the other hand had a tease, a very weak portion of avacado.

In all, the service was Malarki, the portions were small, bathroom was dirty, cheap flea market paintings on the wall of naked tribe women, and a sign near the kitchen that reads "If you come near the kitchen we will ask you to leave the restaurant".

We paid the thieves 50 dollars, and left. We will NEVER COME BACK.


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