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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Chambers recently changed chef from Jean Georges to the crew at D'Amico's. All of the previous menu items that previous reviews raved about are gone. In comes a whole new menu and little seems veg friendly. I called about reservations recently and asked about veg items. The person on the phone was helpful and had worked there for sometime, but was not able to recommend decent vegan choices. He said many of things had chicken stock and other ingredients in base dishes that made if difficult to improvise a decent meal. As such we chose to make reservations and dine else where.

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I've only eaten brunch here, but it was really tasty. I had the oatmeal with fruit and then a side of their roasted potatoes, which I was assured were cooked using oil, not butter. Both were delicious. The only complaint I had is that they don't have soy milk, which I thought was kind of weird considering all the great reviews they get about having awesome vegan food. Didn't ruin the meal or anything, just thought it was weird. I didn't ask for any special accommodations, just ordered off the menu and it was fine!

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We called ahead and received several personal phone calls from the chef prior to our visit. We didn't even look at the menu, we just let the chef do his thing. He said he had never cooked a vegan breakfast before but wow--these were honestly the best vegan pancakes we have ever tasted. The staff was very respectful and attentive and knowledgeable. The ambience was lovely. Highly recommended for special occasions, entertaining out of town guests, or just a night out on the town.

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A large group of us went to Chambers for an anniversary. My sister-in-law had called ahead to warn them vegans were coming (my husband and I), but the message had gotten lost or neglected. However, once there Chambers was extremely accommodating, paying special attention to my husband and I by bringing out a series of small tastings during the whole evening. First was a watermelon palette cleanser, then their fresh pea soup in a tall shot glass, then portobello and avocado sashimi (to match the fish sashimi the rest of the group ordered), followed by an entree. My husband and I actually did not order, the chef just made us two separate dishes. My husband ended up with the crispy tofu. If you order this, specify that you are vegan because they normally fry it in the same fryer that they fry meat. They fried it separately for him without us even having to ask. For me, I got a vegetable and noodle curry bowl which was fantastic.

After this, they brought out some chocolates for the table, but none were vegan, so they brought my husband and I three of their sorbets, all of which were amazing. The four omnivores at the table were jealous of us the whole evening. I can't say what it all cost (we weren't paying that evening), but if you are looking for a high-end, fancy, vegan dinner, definitely go here.

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It's been a year since I came here for a work function, so I don't remember the specifics of what I had. I will echo the other reviewers in saying that the server knew the specifics of every dish on the menu and the kitchen was very accommodating. Once the hurdles were cleared, the food was outstanding. I am knocking a star down for having fewer options and the menu not being clearly marked.

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Awesome complex flavors and nice vegan food! They don't have the avocado and mushroom carpaccio that was mentioned in the previous review on the menu anymore.

We had a delicious arugula sesame salad and watermelon gazpacho for starters. We both had the crispy tofu entree, which was fantastic, and we had the baby corn and broccoli prepared vegan. They also have freshly made vegan sorbets.

Great place for a gourmet vegan meal.

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I was incredibly impressed with the fact that *anything* at all was vegan on the menu. Several things also appeared to be vegetarian, though ask about the soups as I believe that many are meat-based stock.

While there were only 2 things on the menu my partner and I were able to eat, they were *fabulous*.

The appetizer was an oyster mushroom and avocado carpaccio with jalapeno-infused olive oil. WOW. The flavors were amazing. The entree was crispy tofu (came out in two logs, deep fried with a delicious crispy coating) and lily bulb (delectable greens) all atop of this amazing miso-type of sauce. Wow again. Some of the best gourmet vegan food I've ever had.

Maybe I was swept up in the fact that I didn't have to negotiate with the chef about getting some boring sauteed veggies or other sides to accommodate my vegan needs, but the flavors were amazing, and our waiter was more than willing to go back and forth to figure out what was and was not vegan for us.

Pretty expensive, I would probably not have even gone there if I was not attending an event for a family member, but I am considering going back just for those two items again.

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