Zakia Deli

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I went there with a friend and enjoyed the friendly service, lively atmosphere, and tasty food. The hummus was excellent. I think there were only a few vegan options, but what we had was good.

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I passed this place on a complete whim. I was on a LONG walk and was shocked to find this place since it was sort of in the middle of no where (though The Quarry Shopping Center is not too far).

The man who helped me choose foods was very nice, allowed me to sample anything and said that "they love vegans and vegetarians." I wound up getting 4 deli items:
3 dolmas
1/2 pound of Fasoolya (a kidney bean, scallion, olive oil type mixture)
1/2 pound Burghal (cracked wheat grains, onion, tomato)
and 1/2 pound of Mjadra, a lentil-y type dish. He topped it with a cold salad of cabbage, tomatoes and bell peppers.

Overall, great experience. And cheap! I got all of that food for about 12 bucks and it fed me for a few days. Not bad. Friendly service.

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I stopped by this place on a whim to pick up something for dinner, and even though they had been "closed" for 20 minutes, (which I didn't realize until I was walking in the door!), the proprietor welcomed me in and even gave me a free cup of "Lebonese salad" (tomato, cucumber, garlic, lemon...very fresh and tasty)! I got the falafel sandwich (and a meat sandwich for my boyfriend--together the total was $10!) and we both really liked them. I was surprised by the inclusion of pickles in the falafel sandwich, but it tasted really good!
There is a wide assortment of the standard Middle Eastern sides (tabouli, babaganouj, hummus, etc.) and the owner (?) told me that he could make a "vegetarian platter" with five or six of these salads/sides plus pita for $7. You can build your own sandwich for $3.99 (so cheap!) While the place is not especially geared toward vegetarians, I cannot imagine a friendlier or more accommodating proprietor. Good, affordable food from a nice family--muy excelente.

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