The Vegan Joint

Los Angeles, California


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This is one of seemingly dozens of vegan Thai restaurants in the Los Angeles metro. I came here, though, because they have breakfast foods in addition to curries with soy chicken. For example, they have tofu scramble, pancakes, and a variety of breakfast burritos.

I got the "chicken and pancakes" ($9) which consisted of two large, plain pancakes and two deep-fried pieces of soy chicken. The chicken was really tasty and realistic, but probably not super healthy considering it's deep-fried. The pancakes were garden variety and not particularly interesting (if they came with chocolate chips or blueberries they might have held more appeal).

The portion size is pretty large for the money. The service was friendly, but inattentive; also, the restaurant felt run-down and just a shade grimy. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat at The Vegan Joint, but I'm glad they are open early. If they had vegan breakfast sandwiches, I'd have reason to return.

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I love the veggie wrap ( could eat this daily ). Also, I am a huge fan of the lentil burger and the Chinese style veggie soup. It is a small place, and the staff are wonderfully hospitable and delightful.

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