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I finally tried this place out, mostly because it's super close to where I live and I started to crave falafel. I got the falafel platter which the only thing I didn't like so much was the baba g stuff. Very strong eggplant taste a bit too much for me. The falafel was really, really good. It definitely had a strong coriander taste which was quite pleasant, and the outside of the falafel was perfectly crunchy. The hummus was very smooth and went well with the falafel. Very small place, which is why I ordered take out, but staff was very friendly. Yummy food, good prices.

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Lots of vegan options. Everything we have ordered here has been delicious! Great falafel, hummus, and pitas. Fast and friendly service. And the price of the meals is very reasonable as well. Great place to eat!

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Being from Milwaukee, going to school on the East Side, and being vegan for 6 years, I can't believe that I just visited Abu's for the first time. It came highly recommended by a number of friends (some vegan, some meat eaters who love their veg options), so I just had to try it. I also brought a non-veg friend with me who is starting to try non-American cuisine, and she really enjoyed her falafel combo platter (which came w/ falafel, baba ghannooj, salad, and hummus). I tried one of her falafel and they were fantastic. They seemed more "involved" than other falafel and I could see whole sesame seeds. I felt like this was the "multi-grain" falafel, if there ever was one.

Although I love falafel, I am a huge cauliflower fan so I was super excited to see that they had a fried cauliflower combo platter, which came with rice, hummus, and salad. Instead of the rice it usually comes with (which I believe is a safron-flavored rice), the owner said I could get the mojaddara (rice w/ lentils, onions, and seasonings). It cost only $1 more and I really liked it and liked being able to sample another menu item without having to order an entire other dish.

The fried cauliflower was delicious, as was the hummus. I'm not a big salad person, but this salad had a pretty good sauce on it and it was even better when I put the tahini dressing on it. The baba ghannooj looked/tasted like most that I've tried, but I'm a bit of a snob and really only like the baba ghannooj at Sharazzad, which makes it the creamiest and most flavorful that I've ever had. I also prefer the rosewater lemonade at Sharazzad, but I can't articulate why. I think it may have a more subtle taste.

The owner here is very kind and friendly and I will definitely be stopping back here every time I'm in town visiting.

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