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Stuck up here in Everett and looking for vegan food, I found this listing here at vegguide... so I trekked up to Arlington, about 20 minutes North (not sure why it is listed under Everett...) and found this cute little place. The people were super friendly and my vegan pesto avocado burger was very tasty, crunchy with walnuts in the pesto, if a little short on the avocado side. The ciabatta bun was great and the burger came out piping hot. A good selection of vegan items and I would definitely recommend taking the drive up if you find yourself up in the Everett area.

They also have a gift shop thing going on, selling lotions and incense and other hippie kinda stuff. My seat was a little smelly for my taste, but I was right by a large display of oils or incense or something. Just something to be aware of for the fragrance sensitive...

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