Green Vegetarian Cuisine

San Antonio, Texas


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I have been there three times, all at lunch. All three times were great experiences and great food. I suppose the best thing I can say is that their vegetarian menu is as close to comfort food as you can get, but far healthier. From here on, I am a regular.

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I love going to Green on my lunch break and sitting out on the patio, soaking up a little Vitamin D while using the free wifi, OH, and having a delicious, satisfying, guilt-free lunch. Love the staff at Green, love that they grown their own veggies, love the menu choices, love the FOOD love this PLACE! Even my non-veg coworkers LOVE to come here! Check it out. Awesome cupcakes and cookies too, dairy and egg free!!!!

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We just finished having our Sunday brunch here. We were thoroughly pleased. Such a wide variety of vegetarian/vegan food. We are vegans and I had the Carne Guisada Plate with refried beans, avocado, salsa and coconut-cilantro rice. My husband had the Beet Salad Plate and the Classic Sandwich (vegetable sandwich on Ezekial bread). All desserts are vegan and the choices were cookies, cupcakes and chocolate cake today. I had a carrot spice cupcake with cream cheese frosting and my husband had the mocha chip cupcake. Mine was great. He said he wouldn't get his cupcake again (too sweet). This is a wonderful gem here in San Antonio. We will be frequent patrons. The ambiance is casual and the staff is basically young and hip......very friendly. If you are vegetarian---this is a must for you. Prices are reasonable.

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I think it is wonderful that San Antonio has an all-vegetarian restaurant (and perhaps, for that reason alone, vegetarians should support it). However, I wasn't terribly impressed with the food at Green.

My buffalo tofu wings were practically inedible (the texture was crispy and wonderful, but the sauce was a combination of extremely sour and extremely spicy - no one at my table was able to eat more than one of the wings, so we ended up throwing most of them out).

The sweet potato gnocci was good, but the tomato sauce that came with it tasted like (and had the consistency of) tomato soup.

The vegan double chocolate cake was the best part of my dinner at Green. It was moist, not overly dense, and the icing was creamy. My (non-vegan) boyfriend thought the icing tasted too much like soy margarine whipped with sugar and cocoa powder, but I liked it.

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This restaurant is excellent!

They are completely vegetarian with ~25% of the menu being vegan (clearly marked on the menu).

The food is awesome... so yummy! Desserts are all vegan; we had the carrot cake and chocolate cake. They have soft-serve vegan ice cream that is too good to describe.

The atmosphere is very nice. Huge, comfy booths. Tall ceilings. Brick walls. Outdoor seating. Very classy.

I cannot recommend this restaurant enough. I would move to San Antonio just so I could eat here!

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Everyone try the Sesame Chik'n. It is divine. Especially with sweet potato fries on the side.

I also tried a piece of vegan strawberry cheesecake on my first visit, and I enjoyed every last bit of that too. Needless to say, I cannot wait to go back... In the meantime, everyone go support Green!

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