Ming's Chinese Cuisine and Bar

Peninsula and South Bay, California


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This is an old-school, large Chinese restaurant that's been open since 1956. That may sound impressive, and I guess it is, but the food isn't that good.

I had a "spicy mixed vegetables" ($8.75) and a "cashew mock chicken soy gluten" ($9.00). I also got brown rice, and it was nice that it was on the menu, but they charge extra for it (I will never understand why Asian restaurants in the Bay Area all charge extra for rice, white or brown, when it's served free in other parts of the country).

The food was mediocre at best. The spicy mixed vegetables was not spicy and was basically just bok choy and some broccoli in a light white sauce. The dish had little flavor and not enough variety of vegetables (some carrots, baby corn and mushrooms would have been nice additions).

The cashew "chicken" was unimpressive. The chicken pieces were old-school re-hydrated TVP chunks, as opposed to more sophisticated mockmeats. The sauce was a brown, thick, corn-starchy abomination that got more gelatinous as time wore on.

Oh, and vegans and vegetarians should ask questions about ingredients, as many of the dishes in the "vegetarian" section state clearly that they contain either ham, fish, chicken, or oyster sauce.

While I kind of liked the vibe in the restaurant (there's a cozy bar up front, some living room-esque rooms to the side, and lots of space in general), it's not a place I would return to.

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