Pineda Tacos

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Jan 1 12

311 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Mexican Food served Deli / Take Out style

Pineda is the real deal. It's Authentic Mexican food, and it will be easier to read the menu if you can read Spanish, although the staff does speak English and can explain menu items to you. They have gigantic burritos.

There is counter seating along the wall and lots of tables in the back room.

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This place takes me back to Mexico. It's a grimy, hole-in-the-wall, downscale version of Chipotle with tacos for $1.75 and burritos for not much more.

I had two veggie tacos, made to order: rice; beans; lettuce; tomato; avocado; green salsa. The hard shell was excellent and crisped to perfection. The salsa was tasty, but I would have preferred a fresher pico de gallo, or minced jalapeno salsa (the stuff they serve is gooey and thick).

My main problem with the place is that you can't see them make the food. As such, you need to be extremely specific about what you want in your taco (if you're vegan, the options I listed above are about it); it would be much easier if they had an open view, like at Chipotle, and you could point to things and also get a better sense of what looks fresh or worthwhile.

There's some seating in the back room if you want to dine-in. Be warned that Pineda is kind of depressing and not overly clean, but the food isn't bad at all. At the very least, it's cheaper than Chipotle and tastes just as good. If they had tofu, seitan, tempeh, vegan cheeses and other cool stuff like that, I'd be back daily.

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Their burritos are HUGE! Their food tastes very fresh and wonderful. Normally it is difficult for me to eat at Mexican restaurants, but their refried beans are vegan; I had a burrito with beans, rice, lettuce, and tomato, with salsa on the side. They also offer avocado. Their chips were homemade and hot, and I will definitely be going back again. The place is a bit "hole in the wall" and a cleaner bathroom would be nice, but for food, you can't beat it. Way better than Qdoba or Chipotle.

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