Firecracker Bistro

Tucson, Arizona


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Firecracker offers some great vegan options and accommodating waiters.

I have had the Buddha's feast (ask for no cream in sauce) and the cashew chicken (with tofu instead) (check for cream in sauce). They will substitute tofu or omit the meat from any dish many of which are otherwise vegan. The portions are large and I always take home some. I really enjoy the cashew chicken, it would be delicious without tofu if not a fan, it comes with lots of great vegetables. The Buddha's feast (typically without tofu) is awesome too.

The egg-rolls and tofu lettuce cups are vegan. I wasn't thrilled with the egg-rolls the one time I tried them but they aren't bad -- haven't tried the lettuce cups.

I don't know about lunch but at dinner time they serve complimentary soup before your meal. This can surprise you on a first visit so beyond ordering vegan options you may want to make sure that your waiter knows you don't eat any animal products our they may not think to ask before bringing soup which I believe is always not vegan. On my second visit (not sure why not on the first) the waiter let us know that for their vegetarian/vegan customers they offer a dinner salad instead of soup. The salad is egg/cheese free and is really quite good with shredded carrots and such. I emailed them asking which dressings are vegan and the manager replied saying "The dressings we have that are Vegan friendly include the Cilantro Vinaigrette, Citrus Vinaigrette, Tahini (toasted sesame) and the Wasabi Soy Vinaigrette."

They do get busy so you may want to get reservations even during the week. They do have 2 bars, 1 being in a separate bar area which is actually quite nice to dine in if they are full in the main area.

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I had a pretty good dinner at Firecracker. The waiter understood my dietary limitations and explained that all Firecracker soups have a meat-based broth, even if they seem vegetarian. The food was really good--I got the portobello mushroom roll, cashew tofu, and cherry sorbet for dessert.

The portobello roll was crispy and the rice was sticky. It was delicious and didn't need soy sauce or any other condiment.

The entree had huge, crispy vegetables and small (but plentiful) chunks of tofu. It didn't have many cashews, but there were enough for me. There was no sauce except for the natural juices of the cooked tofu and vegetables. If you like a lot of sauce you should probably look to the other menu items.

The waiter confirmed the dessert was dairy-free but couldn't tell me the type of sugar used, so you may want to just stay away from the desserts completely. It was good but kind of not worth it--not even a half of a scoop and only two cherries as garnish--$5.00.

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