Sweetpea Baking Company

Portland, Oregon


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Excellent bakery, I have not had their food but all the pastries I have sampled have been top notch!

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This is a middling vegan bakery/cafe/coffeeshop. I came twice, first for tea and baked goods, and then a second time for brunch.

The first time I had an oatmeal-peanut butter-chocolate chip cookie and a slice of coffee cake. The cookie was dense, crumbly and dry and not particularly satisfying. This place could learn a thing or two from Pattycake Vegan bakery in Columbus, OH which makes cookies which are more moist, soft and delectable. The coffee cake was similarly dry and not flavorful.

Kudos to them for having loose-leaf tea options.

I came for brunch as they usually have an all-you-can-eat buffet for $10, with different choices each weekend. When we got there, they'd switched to an all-you-can-fit on a single plate style for $6. Not a bad deal.

I loaded my plate with tofu scramble, mac and cheese, and biscuits and gravy. They'd run out of a peach cobbler dish already and had no plans of replenishing it. The scramble was okay, the mac and cheese was good, and the biscuits and gravy were not great (the biscuit was too hard and the gravy too salty).

As such, Sweetpea was a mixed experience for me. I like the vibe of this place but I wasn't so impressed with their baked goods (Back to Eden in NE Portland has much better offerings), and their food was only okay on a whole.

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this place was good. very nice to walk into a bakery that's all vegan and be able to have choices. i had a vegan chocolate tart, which just tasted like vegan pudding in a mini pie crust that was a little too dry. i may have gotten a older one though, because it was the last one in the case. my boyfriend got a lemon bar and said it wasn't that great as he remembers lemon bars having more of a custard instead of a lemon gel-like substance. the one thing i liked here was the set-up (very coffee-shop-ish) and the fact that they had vegan mochas on the menu! we also shared a piece of cinnamon coffee cake, which again, was so-so. i can make a better one.

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Great To See An ALL VEGAN Bakery. Good Ole' Cupcakes Is All We Got, Their Frosting Is Pretty Much Magic, My Favorite Part.
Only Complaint Is The Lack Of Variety At Certain Times, & Pretty Steep Prices. Hopefully They Can Take This Info Into Consideration and Stay Up.

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Wide variety of cakes, cookies, and any other baked good you can imagine. There are always tasty gluten free items, too. When it comes to vegan dessert, this place..ahem.. takes the cake :)

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i was a little disappointed. maybe because we came in at around 1 pm, and the vegan baked treats were running a bit low and werent as fresh? i dont know. but we got the carrot cupcake, a chocolate and vanilla cupcake, and a whoopie cake. the cupcakes were rather dry and not very flavorful, and the whoopie cake was fun but just rather sugary. still, it was fun to go in and know that everything was vegan, and they dont even have to put a "v" label or anything. i almost had to ask to make sure the cheesecake didnt have dairy :)

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Yummy treats and healthy light lunches! The doughnuts alone are worth the trip across town!!

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We arrived in Portland on a recent Saturday and decided to visit Sweet Pea. It was a fortuitous choice as Sweet Pea only bakes raised donuts on Saturdays and they were to die for. We also enjoyed their lunch choices and took away some other pastries. All were excellent and the counter staff was both helpful and friendly making the visit an excellent beginning to an enjoyable albeit too short visit to Portland. We can't wait to return to both Sweet Pea and Portland.

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I had the most awesome looking cake ever: a cheesecake topped with huge pieces of brownie and frosting! It was pretty cool. I also had a toasted coconut cupcake which was really yummy. Very moist and flavorful. My friends were very happy with what they got too (a slice of coffee cake and a chocolate cupcake). I don't go there very often though even though I am addicted to sweets; I like variety, and as far as I can tell they pretty much always have the same things: cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and cake slices. This is great, of course, since they're all vegan, but to get 5 stars from me they'd need more variety and more unusual stuff (e.g. danishes, Tiramisu, lemon bars, fruit pies, macaroons, raspberry chocolate bars, tarts, etc).

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I also had a few different treats from Sweetpea at their AR2007 booth, and they were all fantastic! The vegan brownie was indeed the best vegan brownie I have ever had. The coffee cake was good as well, but I would pass it up for a Cookies n' Cream cupcake or another brownie any day.

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Holy crap, I had a whole bunch of Sweetpea baked goods at AR2007, and they all rock!

I tried the brownies, coffee cake, cookies 'n' cream cupcakes, and the double chocolate chip cookies. Everything was fantastic. The brownies are the best vegan brownies I've tried so far. I hadn't had coffee cake in the 10 years I've been vegan, so it was a nice treat, and it was also fantastic.

I really liked that their products were nice and moist. A lot of the time, store-bought baked goods are dried out, but these were perfect, even several days into the conference.

The only other store-made vegan baked goods I've had that compare was something I had from Vegan Treats.

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