Tam-Tam's African Restaurant

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Oct 15 09

605 Cedar Ave S
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454


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"Big in African Tastes"

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice

This restaurant has specialties ranging from the "Horn of Africa" to Western, Eastern, and Central Africa. Their vegetarian and vegan specialties include a Tambo vegetable pie, lentil and vegetable sambosas, and sukuma beans and collard greens. They also have a variety of breads and sides, including chapti, ugali, injera, and rice pilao. Drinks include African teas and mango and guava sodas.

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Tam Tam's offers a small, simple menu of pan-African stews, savory pastries and vegetable curry-style dishes. It is more meat-centric than not, but it does have some vegetarian dishes, all of which appear to be vegan.

I had the lentil sambosas ($2.50) which were similar to Indian samosas, but crispier and filled with different ingredients. The sambosa had a good crunch to it and the lentils stuffed inside were nicely flavored and kept whole, rather than turned into a mush.

I also had the "vegetable delight" ($8.99) which was a mish-mash of vegetables in a thick, semi-spicy curry sauce. It wasn't spectacular, but it was tasty enough, and seemed fresh and filling. The portion size was huge and I could barely eat even a third of it. The dish comes with either white rice (no brown rice here, sadly), injera or "ugali" (cornmeal bread); I had the rice and ugali. The rice was standard basmati, but the ugali was a big loaf of white cornmeal and was a nice, and unusual, alternative to plain old rice.

The service was a bit slow but friendly enough. The decor is above average and the place seems to attract an array of customers, from old Somali women to college students.

Finally, as an added bonus, Tam Tam's is part of the "Rewards Network" which gives you various perks (such as airline miles or cash-back or other 'points') when you dine there. I racked up over 80 Northwest air miles from my meal (6 miles per dollar spent Monday-Wednesday, 3 miles on other days). Pretty sweet.

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West Bank - Cedar


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